Best Metal Albums of February 2024

February 2024 has truly set a new standard in the music industry, particularly within the metal genre, making it an exhilarating challenge to compile a list of the best metal albums of February 2024. This month wasn’t just about the sheer volume of high-quality releases; it also celebrated the long-awaited return of legendary bands such as Borknagar and Job for a Cowboy, whose comeback albums added a rich layer of anticipation and excitement. These returns were pivotal, contributing to the elevated status of February 2024 compared to the same month in the previous year.

Reflecting on February 2023, while it was a solid month with several notable releases, it lacked the groundbreaking comebacks (except for Insomnium) and the same level of diversity and innovation seen in the february metal albums of 2024. The previous year had its highlights, but the landscape was more predictable, without the unexpected surprises that this year has brought. The standard set by January’s releases in 2024 was already high, yet February managed to not only meet but surpass these expectations with an outstanding array of albums that showcased the depth and dynamism of the metal scene.

Recognizing the exceptional artistry on display, we expanded our usual roundup to include more than the standard ten picks, underscoring the difficulty in narrowing down such an extraordinary field of contenders. This expansion is a sign of February 2024’s unique position as a month that not only delivered quantity but unmatched quality, marking it as a month to look back in a nostalgic way in the future.

February 2024 Metal Albums Tier List

February 2024 brought us a great variety of metal albums, showcasing both new and familiar names in the genre. It’s been a busy month with a lot of notable releases to listen to. Dive into our metal albums of February 2024 tier list, where we’ve tried to capture the diversity and quality of this month’s music offerings. As you can see, all of the albums are B tier or above. All of them deserve that!

Best Metal Albums of February 2024 Tier List

Metal Albums of February 2024 Ranked

Let’s explore and rank the top metal albums of February 2024, from worst to best:

Darkest Hour | Perpetual Terminal review:

Perpetual Terminal by Darkest Hour delivers a robust dive into metalcore, echoing the essence of Bullet For My Valentine’s The Poison through its compelling guitar tones and work. The album starts strong with its standout and self-titled track, setting a high standard that subsequent songs strive to match. While it showcases Darkest Hour’s seasoned musicianship and a polished sound that blends melodic death metal influences with modern hardcore flares, the album navigates through varying levels of intensity, presenting a mix that sometimes diverges from the initial momentum. Despite this, it remains a significant entry in their discography, highlighting their evolution and enduring appeal within the metalcore genre.

Darkest Hour Perpetual Terminal

Hannes Grossmann | Echoes of Eternity review:

Hannes Grossmann’s Echoes of Eternity marks his return with an EP that delves deep into the realms of progressive and technical death metal, reminiscent of his work with Alkaloid and echoing the complex stylings of Necrophagist. Despite its musical virtuosity and intricate compositions, the album presents a challenge in fully captivating the listener. With standout tracks like “Retrospective Monologue”, Grossmann showcases his unparalleled skill behind the drums, blending ferocious blast beats with progressive elements that highlight his significant contributions to the genre. Yet, the album, while technically impressive and showcasing Grossmann’s growth and depth as a musician, might leave some yearning for more coherence to truly engage with its ambitious scope.

Hannes Grossman Echoes of Eternity

Sujin | Save our Souls review:

Sujin’s debut album, Save Our Souls, marries the intensity of metalcore with the intricacy of melodic death metal, presenting a blend that’s both familiar and fresh. Drawing comparisons to the likes of the modern In Flames for their balanced use of clean and harsh vocals, Sujin adds a unique twist with orchestral-like choruses, creating a sound that’s both ambitious and nuanced. Save Our Souls stands as a signal to Sujin’s potential to carve out a niche within the genres of metalcore and melodic death metal, likely appealing to fans looking for complexity and intensity in their music. Best tracks: “Winter Breeze”, “Throne of Chaos”.

Sujin Save our Souls

Profiler | A Digital Nowhere review:

Profiler’s first full lenght album A Digital Nowhere catapults the nu-metalcore genre into the modern era with a blend that’s both nostalgic and innovative. The band merges aggressive metalcore dynamism with the melodic sensibilities of progressive metal, incorporating unexpected rap sections and nu-metal flourishes reminiscent of Limp Bizkit. This concoction creates a vibrant, engaging soundscape that’s as enjoyable for metal veterans as it is inviting for newcomers seeking an entry point into metal. Tracks like “All In Forever” showcase the band’s ability to craft songs that are punchy and authentic, while the album as a whole explores themes of spirituality, pop culture, and philosophy, making it a versatile record for a wide audience. Profiler proves that even in a genre as well-trodden as metalcore, there’s room for fresh ideas and bold experimentation.

Profiler A Digital Nowhere

Necrowretch | Swords of Dajjal review:

Swords of Dajjal by Necrowretch is a high-octane journey through blackened death metal, weaving aggressive riffs and exceptional production into a unique atmospheric narrative influenced by dark middle east lore. Drawing inspiration from the figure of Dajjal from Islamic mythology, the album blends ferocious energy with moments of melodic clarity, creating a listening experience that’s both haunting and engaging. With standout tracks like “Ksar Al-Kufar” and “Dil Mauri,” Necrowretch demonstrates their mastery of blending intense aggression with intricate melodies, making this album a significant addition to their discography and a fascinating entry point for new listeners​ who enjoy death and black metal.

Necrowretch Swords of Dajjal

Vanir | Epitome review:

Epitome by Vanir stands out as a solid epic melodic death metal album, enriched with power metal themes and folk influences, showcasing the band’s versatility and musical prowess. The album delves into dark medieval themes, drawing inspiration from Danish history and Norse mythology, evident in tracks like “Wood, Iron and Will,” which combines crushing riffs with folky melodies to create a compelling narrative landscape. The aggressive yet melodic nature of the album, coupled with high-quality production, makes Epitome a dynamic and engaging listen. Vanir’s skillful integration of orchestral synths adds an epic dimension to the sound, without overpowering the core metal elements, resulting in a balanced and immersive listening experience, specially for the ones who are into bands which dig into historical features.

Vanir Epitome

Morbid Saint | Swallowed by Hell review:

Swallowed by Hell by Morbid Saint, a name synonymous with the ferocity and raw power of old-school thrash metal, returns with an album that captures the essence of their early days while infusing it with a modern vigor. The artwork immediately grabs your attention, reminiscent of arcade and old-school game aesthetics, perfectly setting the stage for the auditory onslaught within. With “Burn Pit” setting a high bar with its dynamic intro, the album launches into a relentless assault of killer riffs and frantic rhythms that define the band’s sound. Morbid Saint’s ability to blend a rebellious and irreverent tone with the technical prowess of thrash metal makes Swallowed by Hell an exhilarating listen. It’s an album that might overwhelm some with its intensity, but for those looking to rekindle their love for thrash or discover its relentless energy, it’s an essential addition to the genre. Balancing homage to thrash metal’s roots with unique, contemporary touches, Morbid Saint has delivered an album that stands out in today’s metal landscape.

Morbid Saint Swallowed by Hell

Job For a Cowboy | Moonhealer review:

Job For A Cowboy’s Moon Healer emerges as one of 2024’s most anticipated releases, particularly for enthusiasts of the progressive death metal scene, despite incorporating elements that nod to the hardcore genre—a blend not typically in my wheelhouse. This album marks a significant departure from the band’s earlier work, demonstrating a matured sound that intricately weaves complex rhythms with deeply resonant, callous vocals. While Moon Healer demands attention and may challenge listeners with its intensity, it presents moments of brilliance, notably in “Beyond the Chemical Doorway”, their acclaimed single. This track stands out not only as a highlight of the album but also as a reflection to the band’s ability to merge aggressive energy with nuanced musicality.

Job For a Cowboy Moon Healer

Death Earth | From The Ruins review:

Death Earth From The Ruins stands as a riveting blend of thrash, hardcore, and black metal, delivering an auditory experience filled with crushing riffs and compelling vocals that solidify its status as a standout album. Its unique fusion creates an ideal soundtrack for intense gym sessions or venting frustration, showcasing the band’s adeptness at combining frantic energy with slower, impactful melodies. This mix not only underscores the album’s versatility but also its capacity to entertain and resonate on a profound level. As the band skillfully navigates through these varied registers, they cement their place in the trash metal field with a distinctive touch.

Dead Earth From The Ruins

Counting Hours | The Wishing Tomb review:

Counting Hours The Wishing Tomb delivers an intriguing take on doom metal, blending it seamlessly with elements of melodic death and black metal to create a sound that’s both poignant and desperate. While the album stands out for its atmospheric depth, offering listeners a richly textured musical landscape, there’s a note on the production, particularly regarding the vocals, suggesting room for improvement. Despite this, the overall quality of the music shines through, marked by its ability to convey a deep sense of emotion and complexity through their excellent guitar work and particular drumming. The Wishing Tomb thus presents itself as a noteworthy contribution to its genre, capturing the essence of despair and beauty in a way that resonates with its audience, making it a compelling listen for fans seeking depth and innovation within the doom metal scene.

Counting Hours The Wishing Tomb

Ihsahn | Ihsahn review:

Ihsahn’s self-titled album presents a fascinating juxtaposition of genres, earning him the moniker ‘the Devin Townsend of black metal’ among fans. This comparison underscores the album’s innovative approach, blending the intensity of black metal with elements reminiscent of a 007 movie soundtrack, resulting in a unique auditory journey that borders on madness. The initial listen can be mindblowing, especially for those unacquainted with the genre’s depth and complexity. While the vocals might not appeal to everyone, the sheer brilliance and compositional mastery overshadow any potential shortcomings, showing Ihsahn’s ability to transcend traditional genre boundaries. This album not only captivates but also challenges listeners, inviting them into a world where the stark aggression of black metal meets the cinematic scope and sound of spy films, creating a mesmerizing experience that lingers long after the music stops. There is a pure orchestral version of this album by the way. Pretty interesting.

Ihsahn Ihsahn

Stellar Remains | Wastelands review:

Stellar Remains Wastelands EP serves as a succinct yet profound display of metal music mastery, leaving listeners questioning why such brilliance lasts only 25 minutes. This compact release packs a punch with its dynamic shifts in tempo, rhythm, and even musical styles, seamlessly blending elements of old school death metal, progressive death metal, black metal, and experimental twists. Each track offers a fresh experience, reflecting the ability of this one-man solo project to explore and amalgamate various subgenres into a cohesive and engaging listening journey. Wastelands stands as a prime example of how to execute an EP, demonstrating that quality often trumps quantity. The diverse musical landscapes it traverses in its brief runtime are a testament to Stellar Remains skillful composition and innovative approach, making it a must-listen for every metalhead.

Stellar Remains Wastelands

Dissimulator | Lower Form Resistance review:

Lower Form Resistance by Dissimulator is a standout project, meriting its bronze medal in the innovative metal music sphere with its unique fusion of old-school thrash and robotic progressive metal. The album features the band’s adeptness in weaving through rapid, complex sections into commanding breakdowns adorned with mesmerizing riffs. A distinctive feature that sets this album apart is the occasional incorporation of a robotic voice, blending seamlessly with the overall ambiance and adding a layer of psychedelia. Particularly captivating are the moments that resemble a spontaneous jam session, abruptly transitioning into spectacular breakdowns. This combination of elements—along with the band’s skill in rhythm and beat changes—makes Lower Form Resistance a magnificent album, celebrated for its originality and masterful musical craftsmanship.

Dissimulator Lower Form Resistance

Borknagar | Fall review:

Borknagar’s Fall is an album that reaffirms the band’s mastery in blending Viking metal themes with progressive and black metal elements, creating a soundscape that is both epic and deeply atmospheric. The opening track, “Summits”, encapsulates the quintessence of Borknagar’s sound, featuring devastating brutality alongside regal splendor, showing the band’s ability to deliver music that is both complex and emotionally compelling​. The album weaves a rich tapestry of sound, characterized by superb guitar leads from Jostein Thomassen and the dynamic vocal interplay between Lars Nedland and ICS Vortex, whose distinctive styles add depth and majesty to the music​​. Tracks like ‘Moon’ and ‘Northward’ highlight the band’s skill in shifting from aggressive black metal to serene, atmospheric passages, demonstrating a versatility that has defined their music over three decades​​. Fall stands as a groundbreaking step to Borknagar’s continued innovation and excellence in the metal genre, offering a listening experience that is both sensitively engaging and deeply moving.

Borknagar Fall

Griffon | De Republica review:

Griffon’s De Republica is an extraordinary find, deserving of a gold medal in this ranking of the best metal albums of February of 2024. This album is a fascinating concoction of black metal enriched with neoclassical and baroque elements, creating a soundscape that is both grandiose and intricate. The album embarks on a thematic journey that is as political as it is historical, delving into the essence of the Republic, law, egalitarianism, and freedom, while also exploring the sacralization of revolution against tyranny. Tracks like ‘L’Homme du Tarn’ and ‘The Ides of March’ stand out for their ferocity, melodic depth, and historical samples that add layers of intensity to the listening experience. Griffon manages to balance the raw energy of black metal with melodious, expressive narratives, resulting in a work that is not only a testament to their musical virtuosity but also a compelling historical piece of art​​​​​​. De Republica is indeed an album that leaves you speechless, merging musical brilliance with profound thematic exploration, making it an indispensable listen for those who appreciate the depth and complexity of metal music.

Griffon De Republica

Which is the best album of February 2024?

Although there were loads of incredibly amazing albums this February, Griffon – De Republica must be given the prize for the best metal album of February 2024 due to its fantastic overall work, blending great narrative with musical virtuosity. We hope you liked the best metal albums of February 2024 ranking. It was a tough one…

Final Ranking of February 2024 Metal albums:

  • Darkest Hour – Perpetual Terminal | 15º
  • Hannes Grossman – Echoes of Eternity | 14º
  • Sujin – Save our Souls | 13º
  • Profiler – A Digital Nowhere | 12º
  • Necrowretch – Swords of Dajjal | 11º
  • Vanir – Epitome | 10º
  • Morbid Saint – Swallowed by Hell | 9º
  • Job For a Cowboy – Moon Healer | 8º
  • Death Earth – From The Ruins | 7º
  • Counting Hours – The Wishing Tomb | 6º
  • Ihsahn | Ihsahn | 5º
  • Stellar Remains – Wastelands | 4º
  • Dissimulator – Lower Form Resistance | 3º
  • Borknagar – Fall | 2º
  • Griffon – De Republica | 1º

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