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metal merchandising riffriot


Find a wide selection of high-quality t-shirts, hoodies, and posters from your favorite metal bands. Ideal for fans seeking to add to their collection or show support for the bands they love.

metal vinyls


Browse our extensive collection of metal vinyl records, featuring classic albums and new releases. Perfect for audiophiles and collectors seeking the rich sound and nostalgia of vinyl.

tabs and music sheets RiffRiot

Tabs & Music Sheets

Discover a wide range of tabs and music sheets for metal songs. Ideal for musicians looking to learn and play their favorite metal tracks from their favourite metal bands.

RiffRiot Books and Magazines

Books & Magazines

Explore our selection of metal-themed books and magazines. Dive into the history, culture, and stories of the metal scene from the testimonials of veteran authors.

Electric Guitar RiffRiot

Electric Guitars

Shop our collection of electric guitars, perfect for metal musicians. Find guitars that deliver the power and tone needed for heavy riffs and solos.

acoustic guitar RiffRiot

Acoustic Guitars

Find a variety of acoustic guitars suitable for a range of styles, including unplugged metal performances and songwriting sessions.

Drums RiffRiot

Drum Kits

Check out our selection of drum kits, designed to meet the demands of metal drumming. From beginner sets to professional rigs.

Electric Bass RiffRiot

Electric Basses

Explore our range of electric basses, essential for laying down the powerful and deep grooves in metal music. Check them out!

Keyboard RiffRiot


Discover keyboards that offer a range of sounds and effects, perfect for adding layers and atmosphere to metal compositions.

Guitar Pedal RiffRiot


Browse our selection of pedals, essential for creating the unique and diverse sounds found in metal guitar playing. Infinite possibilities!

Amplifier RiffRiot


Choose from our range of amplifiers that offer the power and tone necessary for the perfect metal sound, from practice to performance.

Headphones RiffRiot


Find headphones that provide the clarity and range needed to enjoy metal music to the fullest, whether you’re mixing or just listening.

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