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RiffRiot Main Playlist

The RiffRiot Main Playlist is your gateway to the heart of metal, featuring a dynamic mix of tracks that define the genre’s spirit. This essential playlist is constantly updated with songs selected for their power to move, energize, and inspire metal fans. It’s where you’ll find everything from classic anthems to the latest hits, curated to keep your metal journey fresh and exciting.

Alternative Metal Playlist | RiffRiot

Dive into the eclectic world of Alternative Metal with our playlist, where edgy riffs meet experimental sounds. It’s the perfect mix for those who love their metal with a twist of the unconventional and hard rock features. Main bands: Alter Bridge, Avatar and Avenged Sevenfold.

Avant-Garde Metal Playlist | RiffRiot

Explore the avant-garde of metal through this playlist, featuring artists who push the boundaries of the genre with innovative compositions and unconventional sounds, crafting a unique auditory experience. Main bands: Avenged Sevenfold, Botanist and Disillusion.

Black Metal Playlist | RiffRiot

Enter the dark and atmospheric realms of Black Metal with our carefully curated playlist. Here, the raw emotion and chilling narratives take center stage, offering a deep dive into the genre’s cold heart. Main bands: Blackbraid, Uada and Valdrin.

Death Metal Playlist | RiffRiot

Our Death Metal Playlist delves into the intense and powerful world of death metal, bringing together the most brutal and technically sophisticated tracks in the genre. This playlist is a meticulously curated collection that showcases the raw energy, complex guitar riffs, and guttural vocals that death metal is renowned for. It’s designed for those who crave technical death metal, brutal death Metal and old school death metal. Main bands: Cattle Decapitation, Death and Gojira.

Melodic Death Metal Playlist | RiffRiot

Experience the intense yet melodious sounds of Melodic Death Metal. This playlist balances aggression with harmony, featuring tracks known for their powerful melodies intertwined with heavy riffs. Main bands: Fires in the Distance, In Flames and Insomnium.

Progressive Death Metal Playlist | RiffRiot

Immerse yourself in the innovative fusion of our Progressive Death Metal Playlist, where the technical mastery of progressive metal meets the intense ferocity of death metal. This playlist is a meticulously curated exploration of the genre’s most boundary-pushing artists, featuring tracks that blend complex compositions with the raw energy and depth of death metal. It’s designed for listeners who crave a profound auditory experience, marrying aggression with intricacy in a way that only progressive death metal can. Main bands: Alkaloid, Death and Ne Obliviscaris.

Doom Metal Playlist | RiffRiot

Slow down with our Doom Metal Playlist, where the heavy, haunting tunes evoke a sense of melancholy and grandeur, perfect for those who appreciate the genre’s slow-burning intensity. Main bands: Godthrymm, Oromet and Vanishing Kids.

Groove Metal Playlist | RiffRiot

Get into the groove with this playlist, highlighting the rhythmic and riff-heavy essence of Groove Metal. It’s all about the infectious beats that make you want to headbang. Main bands: Lokust, Pantera and Prong.

Heavy Metal Playlist | RiffRiot

Discover the essence of power and passion with our Heavy Metal Playlist. A handpicked collection of iconic riffs and fierce vocals to electrify your soul and awaken the metal spirit within.

Metalcore / Nu Metal Playlist | RiffRiot

Brace for a high-energy mix of Metalcore and Nu Metal, where aggressive vocals, heavy breakdowns, and catchy hooks collide. This playlist captures the vibrant spirit of both genres. Main bands: Bullet For My Valentine, Limp Bizkit and Periphery.

Post Metal Playlist | RiffRiot

Immerse yourself in the expansive soundscapes of Post Metal with our playlist. It’s a journey through atmospheric and dynamic compositions that transcend traditional metal frameworks. Main bands: Sólstafir, Svalbard and Thränenkind.

Power Metal Playlist | RiffRiot

Embark on epic adventures with our Power Metal Playlist, featuring anthemic choruses and fast-paced rhythms that capture the essence of heroism and fantasy in metal music. Main bands: ANGRA, Blind Guardian and Sacred Outcry.

Progressive Metal Playlist | RiffRiot

Stepping into the realm of complex rhythms and ambitious compositions, our Progressive Metal Playlist curates the finest in progressive metal, highlighting artists who venture beyond traditional boundaries. This playlist is a celebration of innovation, featuring tracks that weave together intricate arrangements, technical skill, and compelling narratives, catering to listeners who seek depth and sophistication in their metal music. Main bands: Disillusion, Dream Theater and Opeth.

Sludge / Stoner Metal Playlist | RiffRiot

Dive deep into the gritty, fuzz-drenched riffs of our Sludge/Stoner Metal Playlist. Each track is a heavy, hypnotic journey through slow-burning grooves and psychedelic soundscapes, crafted to resonate with the rebel in you.

Symphonic Metal Playlist | RiffRiot

Embark on an epic auditory adventure with our Symphonic Metal Playlist, where orchestral grandeur meets the electric surge of metal in a majestic fusion of soaring melodies and powerful riffs.

Trash Metal Playlist | RiffRiot

Unleash the fury with our Thrash Metal Playlist, a high-octane collection of speed, aggression, and razor-sharp riffs that defined the genre’s relentless energy. Main bands: Metallica, Megadeth and Testament.

Viking / Folk Metal Playlist | RiffRiot

Set sail on a sonic voyage with our Viking/Folk Metal Playlist, where the echoes of ancient battles and mythic tales are brought to life through thunderous rhythms and folk-infused melodies.

r/metalmusicians Playlist | RiffRiot

Official RiffRiot Playlist from the subreddit r/metalmusicians, featuring the best underground metal and rock music.

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