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Dive into the world of metal with our handpicked album selections, where we chart the best metal albums of the genre month by month and year by year. Our tier lists and album rankings are crafted with care, offering insights into the broad spectrum of metal. Without any fuss, just pure content for those who speak in riffs and solos, come see where your cherished records stand amid the landscape of metal.

In-Depth Metal Album Reviews

We go all in on reviewing metal’s most iconic albums, diving deep into the classics that have defined the genre. Our reviews don’t just scratch the surface—they explore every layer, from the groundbreaking launches to the epic lyrics that have resonated with fans for decades. It’s not just about the music; it’s about celebrating the masterpieces that have made metal what it is today.

Exclusive Interviews with Metal’s Finest

Behind the scenes, it is said. Enter into the minds of metal’s biggest names and emerging talents through our exclusive interviews. We sit down with bands and personalities who belong to the world of metal so as to uncover the stories behind their music, discussing everything from their creative process to their thoughts on the genre’s future. It’s a rare glimpse into the personal journeys that shape the metal world.

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Best Metal Albums of the Month

Catch the month’s top metal albums, highlighting the scene’s freshest and most acclaimed releases.

Best Metal Albums of the Year

Yearly recap of metal’s finest, showcasing the albums that stood out and defined the genre.

Bands Album Rankings

A deep dive into metal bands’ discographies, ranking their studio albums from classic to recent.

Full Album Reviews

Acquire a unique perspective on metal albums guided through reflections of our team.


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  • What is RiffRiot’s selection process for albums and bands to review?

    RiffRiot selects albums and bands for review based on diversity and impact within the metal genre. Besides focusing on quality, we choose albums that we personally come across, ensuring a mix of well-known and emerging talents to keep our content vibrant and inclusive.

  • How can I submit my band’s album for review on RiffRiot?

    Everyone is welcome to submit their band’s album for review on RiffRiot. You can reach out to us through Musosoup, a platform where you can contact with many reviewers like us! Also, if you log in with our promotional code, you will obtain a discount code for your first campaign. In short, we’re open to exploring new music and providing a platform for bands and artists across the metal genre spectrum.

  • Can I contribute articles or reviews to RiffRiot?

    Yes, you can contribute articles or reviews to RiffRiot. All collaboration ideas are welcomed. If you’re interested in sharing your insights or perspectives on the metal scene, contact us through any of our social profiles. Let’s discuss how we can work together!

  • What makes RiffRiot different from other metal music blogs?

    RiffRiot stands out from other metal music blogs with our real fan-driven approach, covering both renowned and underground bands. Our dedication to original and diverse content, including in-depth analyses, exclusive interviews, and a commitment to the metal community, sets us apart. We’re not just observers; we’re active participants in the metal scene, celebrating its breadth and depth.

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