Best Metal Albums of January 2024

As we delve into the best metal albums of January 2024, they have surprisingly set a high benchmark. Typically a quiet month for new releases, January 2024 has been an exception, showcasing maybe some of the possible best metal albums of 2024. This unexpected surge in quality releases has been a delightful start to the year for metal enthusiasts.

Leading the January lineup were outstanding black metal and death metal albums, highlighting the rich diversity and depth these genres continue to offer. However, the real surprise has been the variety of styles and genres that made their mark. From power to progressive metal, the range of metal subgenres represented in these early releases has been impressive, indicating a year full of potential and exciting new music.

Which are the most anticipated metal albums of 2024?

As we progress through 2024, the metal community is buzzing with anticipation for more. This year is marked by an impressive roster of the most anticipated metal albums of 2024, promising a blend of innovation and classic metal sounds. January’s releases have certainly set the tone, and if they are anything to go by, we’re in for an exceptional year of metal music.

To keep our readers in the loop, we will be covering the most desired metal albums of 2024 in an upcoming post. This feature will not only spotlight January’s standout albums but also look ahead at what’s yet to come. Keep an eye on our blog for this in-depth exploration, as 2024 continues to unfold into a remarkable year for metal music.

January 2024 Metal Albums Tier List

January 2024 has seen a notable array of metal album releases, representing a diverse spectrum of the genre. This month sets a promising tone for the year, featuring a mix of established and emerging artists. Check out our metal albums of January 2024 tier list, which provides a comprehensive look at how interesting this month was.

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Metal Albums of January 2024 Ranked

Let’s delve into and rank the top metal albums of January 2024, from the our least favored to the most acclaimed:

Vitriol | Suffer & Become review:

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Vitriol’s latest release, Suffer & Become, stands out in the death metal scene with its blend of brutality and experimental sound. The album, released under Century Media Records, introduces pixelated, blurred soundscapes with psychedelic undertones, diverging from their traditional themes of violence and pain. While not typically inclined towards such intense sounds, I appreciate the unique approach Vitriol brings to death metal. Suffer & Become marks a significant evolution from their earlier works like To Bathe from the Throat of Cowardice.

Vitriol Suffer & Become

Manticora | Mycelium review:

Manticora Mycelium offers an intriguing mix akin to Angra and Blind Guardian. Hailing from Denmark and active since 1996, Manticora, known for their Progressive Power Metal style, continues to weave literary and fantasy themes into their music. While Mycelium impresses with its production, the vocals sometimes clash with my preferences, though the title track stands out. Overall, the album has its merits but doesn’t fully captivate me.

Manticora Mycelium

Ravenstine | 2024 review:

Despite its placement in a metal-focused list, Ravenstine is actually a hard rock band. They’ve chosen perhaps the least imaginative album name possible, and their music and lyrics lean towards a more commercial style. So, why does it find a spot in this top? The truth is, their 2024 album provided a genuinely enjoyable experience. The tracks are incredibly catchy, featuring funky elements, making it entirely accessible to a wide range of listeners. This album stands out for its ability to appeal to various audiences, blending hard rock with accessible, fun vibes.

Ravenstine 2024

Saxon | Hell, Fire and Damnation review:

Saxon, a band synonymous with metal legacy, has once again proven their timelessness with their latest album, Hell, Fire and Damnation. Renowned for their unique blend of historical and mythological narratives, Saxon continues to infuse their music with powerful storytelling elements. This new release delivers a series of catchy, thematically rich tracks, maintaining their signature style that has captivated fans for decades. Hell, Fire and Damnation not only reinforces Saxon’s standing in the metal genre but also showcases their skill in evolving while staying true to their roots, further cementing their esteemed position in the annals of metal history.

Saxon Hell, Fire and Damnation

Vemod | The Deepening review:

After a hiatus of over a decade, Vemod has made a comeback with new material. The Deepening features some truly memorable and standout moments. The production quality has a dual effect; while it sometimes works against the album, it also adds a nostalgic charm reminiscent of Darkthrone’s instrumental style in certain parts. The addition of harsh and cleans vocals adds more dynamism to it. Overall, it’s a very solid black metal album that successfully marks Vemod’s return to the music scene.

Vemod The Deepening

Caligula´s Horse | Charcoal Grace review:

Today, progressive metal, or what is commonly known as such, is undergoing a transformation, with its standards becoming increasingly blurred. This genre is quite varied, but most bands follow a similar trend, as is the case with Caligulas Horse album, Charcoal Grace. They continue in the vein of bands like Tesseract, with touches of djent, but manage to add more personality to their music while remaining accessible to a wide audience. I find that the album has too many slow songs which somewhat disrupt the flow, but overall, it’s a good album and pleasant to listen to, thanks to its relatively calm vibe.

“The World Breathes with Me” is the best song of the album by far, and maybe my favourite of this ranking. Poignant and powerful.

Caligula´s Horse Charcoal Grace

Sgàile | Traverse the Bealach review:

Sgàile, the artistic endeavor of Scottish multi-instrumentalist Tony Dunn, offers a distinct musical experience by blending progressive metal with vintage elements in Traverse the Bealach, most notably in the vocals and their applied effects. The album, characterized by Tony Dunn’s multi-instrumental prowess, is enriched with compelling riffs, creating an engaging and seamless listening journey from beginning to end. Despite some similarities between the tracks, the album’s cohesive nature and unique fusion of styles showcase Dunn’s skill in crafting a smoothly flowing and intriguing progressive metal experience. Sgàile’s approach, marked by this synthesis of retro and modern sounds, distinguishes it in the genre, highlighting Tony Dunn’s innovative and multifaceted musicianship.

Sgàile Traverse the Bealach

Ὁπλίτης | Παραμαινομένη review:

Ὁπλίτης, a Greek-named band with origins in China, surprises with their latest album Παραμαινομένη. Their sound, a blend of black metal infused with experimental, psychedelic, grind, and sludge elements, delves into Chinese societal issues. Active from Zhejiang Province and now based in Paris, France, Ὁπλίτης explores Progressive Death/Black Metal styles and talks about themes of resistance. There are some crushing riffs and several special and unconventional effects, such as the clarinet and keyboard, which makes this albums so interesting and enjoyable.


Engulf | The Dying Planet Weeps review:

Engulf, the technical death metal project of New Jersey’s Hal Microutsicos (also known for his work with Blasphemous), strikes a compelling balance between power and control in its latest release, The Dying Planet Weeps. This solo project, after three story-driven EPs released from 2017 to 2019, is now showcasing its full-length debut album. Engulf’s sound, rooted in the traditions of death metal forefathers yet embracing more modern approaches, delivers an interesting blend akin to groove metal.

The Dying Planet Weeps is characterized by its technical proficiency, offering a controlled yet potent execution of death metal. The album is perfect for workout sessions, thanks to its well-crafted breakdowns and impactful vocal performance. Engulf’s debut full-length album encapsulates a savage and massive sound, fulfilling the anticipation built by its earlier EPs and solidifying its place in the death metal genre with a distinct and refined approach.

Engulf The Dying Planet Weeps

Malist | Of Scorched Earth review:

Malist’s latest album, Of Scorched Earth, is a compelling blackoffering that has caught me by surprise. Previously unfamiliar with this solo project, I was impressed by their dynamic approach to black metal, characterized by rhythmic changes, diverse styles, and acoustic sections. While not overly long as an album, some tracks do extend beyond the ideal duration, occasionally feeling repetitive. However, the album narrates a powerful story of humanity’s inevitable fall to nature’s grasp, where only those favored by primal deities navigate through the apocalypse. This thematic depth, coupled with the musical dynamism, has led me to listen to the album repeatedly from start to finish in recent days, earning it a top spot in my recent listens. Of Scorched Earth by Malist, with its evocative storytelling and varied black metal execution, stands out as a noteworthy addition to the genre.

Malist Of Scorched Earth

Which is the best album of January 2024?

Of Scorched Earth by Malist has significantly elevated my appreciation for black metal (even more), making it a standout choice for the best metal album of January 2024 due to its compelling blend of dynamism, thematic depth, and musical variation.

Final Ranking of January 2024 Metal albums:

  • Vitriol – Suffer & Become | 10º
  • Manticora – Mycelium | 9º
  • Ravenstine – 2024 | 8º
  • Saxon – Hell, Fire and Damnation | 7º
  • Vemod – The Deepening | 6º
  • Caligula´s Horse – Charcoal Grace | 5º
  • Sgàile | Traverse the Bealach | 4º
  • Ὁπλίτης – Παραμαινομένη | 3º
  • Engulf – The Dying Planet Weeps | 2º
  • Malist – Of Scorched Earth | 1º
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