Best Metal Albums of March 2024

The best metal albums of March 2024 are no short of variety, striking a perfect harmony between the genre’s revered pioneers and its bright new stars. This balance paints a vivid picture of metal’s ongoing journey, showing its timeless appeal and its ability to evolve with fresh, groundbreaking input, making it a pivotal moment for metal music releases in 2024.

One of the month’s highlights was a new album from Judas Priest, a band that’s been at the heart of heavy metal for decades. Their latest work, Invincible Shield, adds an exciting chapter to their legacy, making it a strong contender for the best metal album of March 2024. This release reassures fans that these metal giants still have what it takes to connect with today’s audience. It stands as a testament to the enduring spirit and relevance within the metal community, proving that even the most seasoned bands can deliver music that feels fresh and engaging.

March 2024 also shone a light on the emerging talents who are starting to make their mark within the metal genre. These newcomers are pushing boundaries and introducing a mix of sounds and themes that expand what metal can be, contributing significantly to new metal music in 2024. Their work is crucial, bringing new energy to the scene and making sure it stays relevant for the next generation of listeners.

This interaction between the established legends and the new voices creates a dynamic and creative environment, showcasing metal’s ability to adapt and grow. It maintains a community that respects its history while embracing its future, making the releases of March 2024 a key moment for those following the evolution of metal music. The range and quality of the releases offer a snapshot of a genre that’s thriving, providing something for everyone, whether they prefer the classic sounds of the past or the exciting innovations of the future. This mix of albums has indeed marked March 2024 as a landmark period for the best metal albums of the year.

March 2024 Metal Albums Tier List

March 2024 delivered an impressive array of metal albums, featuring a mix of both emerging talents and established acts within the genre. It was a solid month filled with significant releases, each one adding depth and variety to the metal landscape. Explore our curated tier list of metal albums for March 2024, where we’ve aimed to highlight the richness and excellence of this month´s releases:

Best Metal Albums of March 2024 RiffRiot Tier List

Metal Albums of March 2024 Ranked

We are going to discuss the classification of the best metal albums of March 2024, from worst to best:

Dödsrit | Nocturnal Will review:

Nocturnal Will by Dödsrit encapsulates an enthralling blend of emotional depth and atmospheric intensity, praised for its seamless fusion of black metal, crust punk, and melodic elements. The album’s dynamic use of both instrumental and vocal passages illustrates the band’s skills in crafting powerful, evocative music that moves between serene and ferocious with ease. Standout tracks like “Utmed Gyllbergens Stig” and “Nocturnal Fire” are remarkable for their intricate melodies and captivating transitions, underscoring the album’s ability to convey profound emotions and narratives without words. Despite its ambitious scope, Nocturnal Will maintains a cohesive sound that cements Dödsrit’s place in the modern metal landscape as purveyors of a unique and deeply resonant form of black metal​.

Dödsrit - Nocturnal Will

Hand of Kalliach | Corryvreckan review:

Hand of Kalliach’s Corryvreckan blends Scottish folklore with melodic death metal, capturing the essence of ancient myths and the raw beauty of Scotland’s landscapes. The album, praised for its atmospheric depth and the unique fusion of harsh metal elements with ethereal Celtic folk melodies, tells tales of legendary creatures and historical lore. Highlights include “Three Seas,” which sets an ominous tone, and “Dìoghaltas,” sung in Scots Gaelic, adding authenticity to the thematic exploration. Overall, Corryvreckan offers an immersive journey into the heart of Scottish myth, marked by both its brutal intensity and unique melodies​.

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Hand of Kalliach - Corryvreckan

Fall of Leviathan | In Waves review:

In Waves by Fall of Leviathan is a deep dive into both the literal and metaphorical depths of the ocean and the human psyche, presented through a captivating blend of post-rock and post-metal. The album stands out for its dynamic range, seamlessly transitioning from tranquil, ambient moments to intense, heavier passages, encapsulating the vastness and mystery of the sea. It’s a journey that’s both broad in scope and intimate in its exploration of emotional landscapes, aiming to evoke a spectrum of feelings from its listeners. While it achieves a coherent atmospheric experience, it’s noted that some tracks may benefit from further development to reach the impactful moments characteristic of the genre’s leading acts. Nonetheless, the album’s thematic focus and musical narratives make it an engaging experience, offering a blend of beauty and brooding introspection that enriches the post-rock and post-metal genres.

Fall of Leviathan - In Waves

Aborted | Vault of Horrors review:

Vault of Horrors by Aborted blends the band’s intense death metal sound with the thematic richness of horror movie narratives, crafting a unique and conceptually innovative album. This record is notable for its musical diversity and the inclusion of various guest vocalists, enhancing its atmospheric depth while maintaining the group’s characteristic explosive metal core. The polished production work complements the band’s ambitious effort to intertwine elements of horror with aggressive metal, making songs like “Dreadbringer” and “The Golgothan” standout tracks for their thematic intensity and delivery. This creative direction not only solidifies Aborted’s position as genre innovators but also broadens the appeal of Vault of Horrors, making it a significant entry in their discography and a noteworthy release in the death metal community.

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Aborted - Vault of Horrors

Myriath | Karma review:

Myrath’s album Karma continues to showcase the band’s unique blend of heavy metal and oriental melodies, making it a vibrant and uplifting experience. From the energizing opener “To the Stars” to the epic finale “Carry On,” the album captivates with its mix of sharp riffs, powerful vocals, and cinematic soundscapes. While it explores new directions with a more mainstream and heavier sound, reducing the emphasis on Middle Eastern melodies, Karma retains the essence of Myrath’s identity. Through its compelling melodies and dynamic compositions, Karma offers an empowering listening experience, highlighting Myrath’s musical evolution while staying true to their roots. Recommended for all publics.

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Myriath - Karma

Judas Priest | Invincible Shield review:

Invincible Shield by Judas Priest merges the band’s signature heavy metal ferocity with melodic mastery, receiving praise for maintaining the group’s vitality deep into their career. Highlights like “Panic Attack” and “The Serpent and the King” demonstrate their unyielding energy and knack for catchy, hard-hitting metal anthems. Rob Halford’s wide-ranging vocal prowess, alongside the dynamic guitar duo of Glenn Tipton and Richie Faulkner, anchors the album’s powerful sound, showcasing a blend of classic Priest and fresh elements. Despite some tracks not hitting the peak of their early work, the album’s overall quality and cohesiveness have been lauded, marking another high point in Judas Priest’s legendary discography​.

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Judas Priest - Invincible Shield

Northern Genocide | The Point of No Return review:

Northern Genocide’s The Point of No Return blends melodic death metal with industrial and symphonic elements, offering a dynamic and energetic experience that marks a bold evolution from their debut. This album from the Helsinki-based band features aggressive guitar riffs, massive orchestrations, and diverse vocal styles, making it a rich and engaging listen. The inclusion of guest musicians adds depth, while tracks range from headbanging anthems to mid-paced reflections, demonstrating the band’s versatility and thematic depth with critiques on world issues. It’s an album that combines fun with complexity, promising for both new listens and deep dives.

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Northern Genocide - The Point of No Return

Hamferð | Men Guðs hond er sterk review:

Men Guðs hond er sterk by Hamferð is a poignant exploration of tragedy and hope, blending death/doom metal with emotionally charged narratives rooted in the Faroe Islands’ history. Its meticulously crafted tracks, highlighted by Jón Aldará’s emotive vocals, navigate the delicate balance between somber melodies and crushing heaviness. The album, celebrated for its cohesive storytelling and immersive atmosphere, offers a compelling journey through despair and resilience. Standout moments include “Glæman” with its gentle, hopeful melodies, and the title track’s haunting recollection of survival against odds, showcasing the band’s mastery in conveying deep, universal emotions through their unique sound.

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Hamferð – Men Guðs hond er sterk Review

Dragonforce | Warp Speed Warriors review:

Warp Speed Warriors by DragonForce is an electrifying power metal album that serves as a high-octane soundtrack capable of elevating the mood of its listeners. Known for their fast-paced, melody-driven compositions, DragonForce has crafted an album that pulses with energy from start to finish. Tracks like “Space Marine Corp” and “Doomsday Party” exemplify the band’s ability to blend frantic musicianship with catchy, anthemic choruses, making each song a potential crowd-pleaser at live shows. The inclusion of a cover of Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams” adds a surprising twist, showcasing the band’s playful side without sacrificing the album’s overall intensity. Warp Speed Warriors stands as a proof to DragonForce’s continued evolution within the power metal genre, delivering a collection of songs that not only excite but also uplift the spirit of the listener, maintaining their position as stalwarts of the scene.

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Dragonforce - Warp Speed Warriors

Suldusk | Anthesis review:

Anthesis by Suldusk weaves a compelling mixture of dark folk and blackgaze, blending serene acoustics with fierce metal elements in a showcase of emotional and sonic depth. Emily Highfield’s versatile vocals stand out, moving from haunting whispers to powerful howls, against a backdrop of meticulously arranged instrumentation that adds richness to the album. The production balances the raw essence of black metal with the clarity needed to highlight the folk influences. The album culminates in the epic “A Luminous End,” featuring Raphael Weinroth-Browne’s cello, encapsulating the album’s exploration of light and shade. Anthesis marks a significant evolution for Suldusk, offering a nuanced exploration of grief and acceptance through a beautifully dark musical landscape.

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Suldusk - Anthesis

Which is the best album of March 2024?

With so many great releases in March 2024, Suldusk’s Anthesis really stood out, nabbing the top spot for the best metal album of March 2024. Due to its its incredibly well crafted atmosphere and unexpected contrasts.

Final Ranking of March 2024 Metal Albums:

  • Dödsrit – Nocturnal Will | 10º
  • Hand of Kalliach – Corryvreckan | 9º
  • Fall of Leviathan – In Waves | 8º
  • Aborted – Vault of Horrors | 7º
  • Myriath – Karma | 6º
  • Judas Priest | Invincible Shield | 5º
  • Northern Genocide – The Point of No Return | 4º
  • Hamferð – Men Guðs hond er sterk | 3º
  • Dragonforce – Warp Speed Warriors | 2º
  • Suldusk – Anthesis | 1º

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