Interview with LOKUST / Jeremy Pringsheim

Dear readers, This time we bring you a very special interview to celebrate our first YouTube video. It features Jeremy Pringsheim, guitarist of the band LOKUST, which made a big splash with their first album, Infidel, warmly received in the metal world. They blend various styles, including death metal, thrash, and groove, while addressing a range of mostly dark and existential topics, though they claim not to stick to a specific theme. However, we do know they’re filling concert venues on their latest tours and have a bright future ahead, as well as a solid present.

RiffRiot thanks Jeremy and LOKUST for their kindness and assistance in launching us on this social network. If you’re interested in learning more about LOKUST, check out our posts about them:

🎥 Video editing by: @Helix.95

LOKUST links of interest:

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